Friday, September 6, 2013

"What to expect when you're expecting..."

Did you see the Movie? Maybe you're a parent and someone handed you this book...

My sister handed me one similar, and full knowing I'd never read it all, she dog-eared and highlighted the 4 pages that were ultimate "survival" gems of knowledge. (It was the part on "Wake/eat/sleep. Repeat." FOUR WORDS! Changed my life. I had four kids.

    What I love most about this MOVIE is that no two pregnancies happen or progress similarly to one another- but the RESULT is the same. A BABY. The GOAL was the same, but every woman's experience is uniquely theirs. It didn't make one more right and one wrong, it doesn't even make the viewer judge or negate their circumstances, either. In fact, throughout this movie, one may find themselves opening up to a broader view on what pregnancy really is, and can be!

The most entertaining factor of the film (for me, anyways) is the male-counterparts to each woman.
They are hilarious, witty, and say all the things you wouldn't out loud. 
Ok. Got it. Great movie. And...
Well, if you've had a family pet or grown up loving animals or lost one, you know how special, and JUST AS MUCH a part of your family they are. This is ALL THE MORE SO IF YOU PLAN TO BRING IN A SPECIALIZED ANIMAL TO ASSIST YOUR DIABETIC on a 24/7 basis. This is no house pet. This is more like adding a child. 
  • feeding schedule
  • eating schedule
  • bathing and hygiene needs
  • doctor (vet) visits
  • accessories- kurunda cot/leashes/bowls/travel crates/clickers/treats/booties for hot pavement, etc...
So wouldn't you like to have as MUCH INFO and a CLEAR GUIDE to how to get ready and WHO to help along the way? 
That is the goal of this blog. PLEASE FOLLOW!
  • We are beginning "Feature Fridays" once a month or so on an Organization/Trainer/ who is "in the industry"
  • NO ONE WAY is THE WAY. This is your journey, so you get to see what is out there and how it is being offered. At what cost, to what timeline, and for what level of participation from YOU.

    WHY? because we don't want this:

    ~Blessings on your journey~

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