Sunday, February 22, 2015

How did we raise a DAD?

"We" includes one very important person, Melissa Hernandez of "Begging to be Good" Dog Obedience.

I don't mean to deceive any of our "fans," but Flint has spent 3/4 of his first year of puppy-hood with a professional trainer who worked with one very popular DAD org and another service dog organization for many moons. She knows obedience and scent work training very well. Her spouse allows for "live training" when it comes to in-home scent training, which is ideal.

Did I think we could do this on our own? Yes and no.

Having come off two organizations without a contract or promised dog for a total of 17 months, I figured better us than anyone else. Let's call the shots, let's find the dog, let's raise, it...Let's ROLL.

Truth be told, that was survival mentality from getting screwed. 

A long time ago, my neighbor showed me how to make earrings. I love jewelry, I have an eye for color and craft, and think stones are beautiful; I like manipulating them for design...I took a class and discovered the LEARNING CURVE was gigantic when it came to jewelry. The same can be applied to DAD training...

Melissa is our "jewelry class."  We have learned the curve is huge when it comes to dog obedience....There is a whole other "dog language." In fact, I caught myself crossing the road with my small children saying, "Wait... let's go." My 9yr old son said, "What are we, the dog?" HA! This is good. We are getting it.

Flint did not come to us as a 1-2yr old dog like most DAD orgs provide. He was 8 weeks! We wanted Sean to bond with Flint, and visa versa, but we also had to consider the chaos of our home and lifestyle.

I home-school, we have 4 kids under 14, and are committed to a rugby club at full throttle...Plus, we have ZERO experience besides raising pets (that's not the same) and weekly dog handling training with Melissa. We had an honest convo and are able to keep Melissa paid month to month for her time, so Flint learned his puppy manners and scent work with her. He came back and forth so we could learn what he already knew and how we could train together.

If you have the time, knowledge, discipline, and learning curve, then do it. I know people who have and it can be done. Resources are available to you.

If you need help, find it. Discover how priceless it is to take a class and learn the curve! It's only to your benefit. How to get a dog...?

If you want everything done for you and then handed to you, you are deceived. THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE to anyone. DADs require you know what the trainer knows; therefore, you need to find a trainer who you trust, who you can be vulnerable with, and who you can partner with for the lifetime of the dog.

Your DAD is only as good as you are. <----Click that! I stand by it through and through.

Below are the moments we had the first year with Flint. It's long, but I enjoy capturing moments with this amazing dog we could not have done alone.

Friday, February 6, 2015

I feel gut punched from #kissesforkycie

That title is horrid, but it got your attention.
This story of an undiagnosed Type 1 little girl who has fallen into a coma is so hard for me to take in... (considering my son was undiagnosed for over 3months and in organ failure when they caught it).

It's not about me, though, or my son. Right now it's about life and death, and a precious life that's hanging in the balance.

God Bless Kycie. 
(click HERE for link to FB page and updates) 

There are multiple forwards of posts I see on the daily; she represents so much for me. I couldn't click on this story for DAYS/ WEEKS. In the middle of the night, a friend 's post hit me dead in the gut, and encouraged me to pray over her.
The next day she was breathing on her own...
The community went crazy in hope and joy, but I have seen what they are facing first hand, twice over...

My best friend died DIED in a Type 1 diabetic DKA coma....and my sister's husband had a stem stroke. (<---click for video story) Follow FULL of HOPE here to understand this 2.5yr recovery...

Most of us have no idea what all that means, and neither may the neuro-surgeons of Kycie, as this is extremely rare.

I'm speaking out of turn. I'm acting like I "know it all". I wanna slap myself, even.

Let me tell you, this is an AGONIZING process. Her parents will be confronted with every angle, and forced to face their morals/strengths on the daily.

I do not doubt they will fail and triumph in the same breath...They appear a strong, faith-based family, Amen!

Oh, are you offended again? Get some clarity. People who fight GIANTS named GOLIATH don't mingle with your pessimism anyways.

This is real. Out of respect and honor, I ask you join me in this PRAYER for this sweet girl and her parents...

May the Lord Bless and Keep her, shine HIS GRACE upon her, may healing of the body, mind and soul take place in her life. May His strength and peace carry her parents through each hour of the day, for many, many days to come. AMEN!

See the video of their story HERE