Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Top 10 resources for DAD info

Plain and simple, here's the info you want to begin with...

http://dadsfordummies.blogspot.com...do-your-research. by me. Bringing you a well-rounded perspective (to the best of my abilities) of different organizations/testimonials of how it is done, and the topics along the journey that arise...

http://dadsfordummies.blogspot.com/...top 20 list of things "most organizations won't tell you" that is a must read

www.diabetesalertdogalliance.org Among my fav resources. Period. Includes National database of trainers and breeders. And lots of information for the newly introduced/curious parent researching DADs.

http://www.chilbrook.com/books.html Debby Kay from Chilbrook Labs speaks nationally and holds conferences on how to scent train your dog. Her pro advice and techniques are here is these books. 

http://www.clickincanines.com/site/choose.html Rita Martinez who wrote This BOOK HERE "How to Train Your Diabetic Alert Dog"

http://www.diabeticalertdog.com a popular resource where one may go to forums for discussion. Started by a mom of a T1 and DAD provider Rachel Thornton.

http://blackdogsrule.com/.../ purely a testimonial webshare blog from a dad/father and advocate whose daughter is T1 and has 2 black DADs.

http://viassistancedogs.blogspot.com/2012/12/how-to-choose-service-dog-trainer-to.html Helps the "self-trainer" learn how to pick a service dog trainer to partner alongside them.

http://darwinthedad.com Another great blog follow by a CA mom who's young daughter is Type 1.

http://www.assistancedogsinternational.org provides non-profit accredited organizations to choose from.

Suggested Resources:
"Diabetics Best Friend Training Guide" by Veronica Zimmerman 2013

"Gage's New Friend: A boy's Wish For a Diabetic Alert Dog" Super awesome, written by 10yr old and illustrated by his mother. Type One Awareness included (and doggie treat recipes!)

"Think Like a Pancreas" by Gary Scheiner

http://www.seansjourney.org again (if you haven't gotten enough of me), Our website from a newly diagnosed perspective. How we began our DAD journey, why, the resources we found, & includes news stories, videos, and "Just Diagnosed" section PLUS How we raised 15,000 in 5 months on THIS PAGE HERE.


http://www.nidadvideo.com/ includes videos on scent, picking a shelter dog for DAD work, vet care, pet insurance, public access and nutrition.

Of course you also have FB groups (i.e. listed below) to join and ask questions alongside trainers, organizations, etc... But then you may come full circle back to this list! 

Diabetic Alert dog advice from PROFESSIONALS Closed & Admin is service dog provider Terry McCormack
Diabetic Alert Dog Advice Closed & Admins are (handlers) Melissa B. & Tori B. 
Diabetic Alert Dog Q & A Open & Admin is DAD provider Donna Wrabiutza
DADs for Dummies Open & every blog post here is posted there if you're not on blogger.
Diabetic Alert Dog SELF TRAINING support group secret, so Friend ME HERE on FB so I can add you! Only members know who is in the group when it is secret. But all must have a 1st or 2nd degree connection. To help decide if you wanna friend me, read our personal 2yr journey sorting through DAD orgs, and how we concluded it HERE

Make sure you explicitly trust and understand the trainer/organization you are with. Look for the "4 C's":
  1. Credibility 
  2. Competency
  3. Chemistry
  4. Character (takes the longest to get to know, but is most important!)
  5. INTEGRITY (yea, I know I threw that in there!)
Don't get seduced. 
Impressive results do NOT equal character!
Character + skills carry WEIGHT.
Honesty is strength. 

the tips above are from an excerpt HERE "Your DAD is only as good as you are" 

*I look forward to this list growing! Have we missed a valuable resource you are aware of? Comment below...(I'll update blog)

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