Friday, November 15, 2013

How much does a DAD cost? Raise 15k in 5 months.

Did the heading spark your attention?
It's not only possible, it was done. By us, and with the financial support of loved ones who heard our story. How would you do the same?
  • Leave your fears BEHIND
  • Tell EVERYONE you know what is going on, EARLY on. Neighbors, carpool, teachers, co-workers, pastors, school people, youth leaders, etc.
If you can't communicate, that's not good. But there IS hope. You have the option to alter your ego, or "hire" a PR person, a family cheerleader/best friend, or go with an organization like Heads Up Hounds or Drey's that offers fundraising support and ideas alongside your journey with them.


  • Consider your best way to GET A DAD... and research HERE for Top 10 resources on DAD info!  books, popular blogs and videos here!
  • Scour the internet for ideas, or find them ALL in one place HERE
  • Become a spokesperson for TYPE 1 DIABETES AWARENESS.
  • This is the time to educate. If you're not educated on the disease you need a service dog for, you will sound confusing and silly.
  • So GET EDUCATED on ADA! Read this article HERE It'll help!
  • Write your story and needs in Full Length but be able to present in lees than 30 sec (no business or stranger will pay attention longer).
  • Be open to new ideas and networking with people outside your norm.
  • Think about events, what is realistic and within reach. Ask for sponsors.
  • Set up a website for $5/mo to direct people to so you have all your info and PAYPAL in one place. is great.
  • Social Media is your new part time job. Example of website HERE and also start a FACEBOOK page for your cause, to keep all your contacts updated via photos, etc. like THIS ONE
  • Share via your email address book via or
  • Make T-shirts/Logo Graphic and use at local events in your town. Have people commit to the purchase before the shirt is made! i.e.
Never under-estimate the POWER of SNAIL MAIL!
  • Every Christmas card you ever received. Write them now.
  • Also high-jack your parents and grand-parents lists!
  • Include a self addressed/stamped envelope. Make it easy. It IS going to COST MONEY TO RAISE MONEY (budget $150 in printing and supplies which averages $2-$3 per letter for 30/40 letters)
  • Encourage responses back to YOU, but checks to your org, trainer, person, etc. This ensures your book-keeping and thank you cards being done well!
DAD organizations (like ones featured here on this blog) range from 6.5k-20k for a DAD. The average appears to be somewhere around 15. Ready to begin your search? Click HERE for Top 10 resources on DAD info! 
Heads Up Hounds has challenged the market at the lowest end, (6.5k)! Read their story HERE and follow their training moral compass as they SAVE dogs (using shelter only) ON THIS BLOG HERE Others like BFF- best friends furever offer military discounts and are on the lower end than most. You also have the option to REMOTE TRAIN with accountability which is a bit like DIY (do it yourself) with a scent imprinted pup. On the other end of the spectrum, National Institute for Diabetic Alert Dogs price their fully trained DADS @ 15-30k. So if fundraising isn't your fear, don't hesitate to investigate EVERYONE. (On choosing a DAD org to work with ) Lily Grace, of NIDAD carries the opinion, "If I had one piece of advise for everyone looking to acquire a DAD it would be this - Spend the time to actually compare and see for yourself the TRAINING RESULTS of the different providers. Anyone can say anything (great sales people). Anyone can provide a flashy website (hire a marketing designer). There are a number of reasons providers get into this business,, 1) Want to make a money. 2) Want to help people. 3) Like to train dogs. 4) Ego and perception of helping. 4) SCAM. Everyone I have ever met in this industry falls into one of these categories. With the exception of the scam, who cares WHY they are here as long as they can provide a highly trained DAD. What everyone of you need is a DAD that works..... Which equals training results. There is ONLY one way to find it and it is in actually seeing for yourself which providers actually deliver what they say. If the provider is legit, they should be able to provide you with at least 20 names and contact info for clients/dogs they have placed. Spend the time to talk to each and everyone of them. Every situation is unique and every DAD team has stories good and bad to share. This should provide a realistic idea as to what to expect from the company/trainer as to the training quality (results), follow-up support. This takes time and energy on your part. You do need to educate yourself before diving in or you will be taken (scammers) (poor trainers). Know what you are buying. There are new companies popping up daily. Many in my opinion couldn't train there (DAD) way out of a paper bag, let alone provide a Service Animal. Basic economics 101 - If someone spends 18 months - 2 years raising and training a dog for you, it will not be cheap. How many of you would spend that long every day of the year working (dogs are a 24/7 job) and not get paid even the federal minimum wage. Figure it out! Yes I'm screaming here. It takes HOURS, MONTHS AND YEARS to produce a fully trained DAD. There are people who will sell these dogs (half trained) or only partially trained ( a few months) for a fraction of the cost of a fully trained DAD and if that's ok with you, and your willing to put in the work to finish the dog, then by all means save your money. If however you want a fully trained dog it is going to not be cheap. You will get what you pay for. The training results speak for themselves."

editor's note: If you follow my blog, you know I aim to give a rounded perspective of the industry. I do not get paid, nor have received any type of creative or straight compensation for links, quotes, or viewpoints noted. At the end of the day, Your DAD is only as good as you are. And that is my full blown opinion.

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