Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Facing the Giant: Families may lose their DADs in COURT.

This story was brought to my attention today- MULTIPLE FAMILIES FACE LOSING THEIR DADS in a LAWSUIT BY THEIR SERVICE DOG PROVIDER. This Oct 4th.
Krissy Dollar and daughter, who may loose their dog

They have ONE KEY THING IN COMMON to us.
-and the desire to have any and everything close to a cure, present in their lives for assistance.
Late 2011-2012 as the Diabetic alert dog industry gained momentum through word of mouth & online, one organization seemed to have it "together" above all others. "Guardian Angel Service Dogs" by Warren Retrievers. 

When our son was diagnosed and we began considering a DAD for him, I searched FB pages of families and found many titled, "Guardian Angel for ____" I was surprised to eventually discover Warren Retrievers "rid" that slogan part of their namesake and were strictly known as "Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers" by late Summer 2012.
Chris and his DAD, "Brody"
I located and wrote a complete stranger through FB in August last year regarding what it would mean to have a  DAD for our son.
My initial email was:
"I love what I've looked over in just a few short minutes and just wanted to say "hi"- you look like a mom after my own heart I hope to get to see and learn from what you have been through and what it might mean for our son and family if we journey toward getting a DAD..."
Her Quick Reply:
"Hi there! Well the honest answer is that it is a ton of work. I expected a lot but it is more then I thought. We love our dog, but it is a serious commitment. Everything that you do or don't do will affect how your dog works from obedience to the alerts. Warren is expensive but the dogs come alerting to both highs and lows and not many companies can do that right away. Plus other companies have a long waiting list. When we went with Warren, they had a 5 month list, now it is about a year and a half I believe so it's about even with other companies. I have always said I would be honest with other parents so that they would be informed. There are a ton of things in the contract from the food they must eat to who you can leave your dog with on trips if you need a break. It is a big change. On the other hand, our dog has alerted to so many highs and lows that we have missed ourselves. He informed us that pizza makes our child crash before she spikes, so we adjusted insulin accordingly. He alerted to a low of 74 the first night he was here. He makes our girl aware of how she is feeling. Def pros and cons. Just know that although there are many benefits, it is def not an easy route."

I recall how this email made me feel, and was relieved to finally meet someone who would "speak the truth" on how much work these dogs are. It was shocking, and another "side" to this world I hadn't considered.
Now here is a whole other side one might only have nightmares about...Having a DAD taken AWAY by the provider.
(Are you thinking THESE thoughts below?)
Chewy and Evan, also a gift to his Type 1 mama
  • they must have done something wrong
  • maybe they didn't "do enough" (fundraise etc.)
  • did they breech contract or become uncooperative?
  • they didn't "research" well enough before choosing this organization.
Amazon, the Hollinger family DAD
Miller family- Oct 4th Court Date...
THINK AGAIN. Every single family here TRUSTED DAN WARREN. One (I personally know) even ran their own investigation against him before finding confidence in this man who is EXTREMELY CHARMING and CLEVER. These families pictured were promised a dog that they connected with, and had verbal or written agreement via email to what their fundraising needed to be and would look like. Allegedly, They were blindsided at one point or another by this man, and one by one, as they began to speak out, were threatened to STOP TALKING or LOSE THEIR DOGS.

What to do with this information:
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Pray. They're up against Goliath and never dreamed something meant to be so helpful would end so distrustfully. Thank you.
editor's note: Warren retrievers has linked their name to JDRF and Kristen Tarnowski, both which have taken action to make sure this no longer happens again without written permission.


  1. WOWO. Absolutely AMAZING! Great job!

    1. Thanks @ A mother first. You made my day- ;) I wanted to do my best, as the same friend in this article who emailed me many moons ago, asked me to write something up to support her dear friends.

  2. *Update* *per "stop the Scammers" website on Facebook:For those who have been wondering about the outcomes of the cases with Warren today, he did not get judgments against those who were served. The cases have been set for trial. He did get a judgments on a couple of people, but he was not able to retrieve any dogs. They were only money judgments and it was because those people were never served and those cases will be going back for trial! -Oct 4th

  3. As being one of the families now going to trial, I appreciate you sharing our story. There are some, as for now, set for trial on Dec. 6, 2013 and the rest are set for Jan. 10, 2014. We appreciate all your support, thoughts and prayers as we go through this and up against this organization.

    1. Absolutely- I don't think everyone understands how hard you all have tried NOT to get to this point, nor what has gotten you here- What's important is that you are backed up by the DAD community. That you are able to speak the truth and be heard for it, and rewarded for it. Not threatened and punished. No one should fear their DAD organization. Our continued support...