Thursday, February 20, 2014

Diabetic Dog Lingo- what the what?

If you're new to the scene, you've come to accept "DAD" means more than your father. It's an acronym you will begin writing A LOT.

It took me forever to decode "smh" on Facebook. (shake my head). I think I had to ask, even. IMHO took less, but was a struggle...(in my humble opinion). Have you heard of the poor woman who thought "LOL" was "lot's of love" and when her friends mom died she POSTED "lol" as a comment? That ended that.

Misunderstandings in language is too common. Even more-so in WRITING. It's there to look at. Permanently.

If you're in support groups for Type 1 families you may see Dx'd = diagnosed. Or learned new terms like "Diaversary" = anniversary of diagnosis.

I'm pretty sure via FB and our networking skills, we can change the face of language if we chose to.
Except maybe in some cases:

Well then, back to the "DAD" talk...
  • What is a SELF-TRAINED DAD?
  • What is a "FULLY TRAINED" one?
  • What does "finished" diabetic alert dog mean?
  • What's a MATURE dog?
  • "Started dogs?"
It's whatever you define it as, (or however it's been defined for you).

A self trained dog can mean you "wing it" solo, or you hire a professional to partner alongside you. Then would it be a "Professionally Guided Trained" dog...? Yea. That sounds good.

A fully trained dog doesn't exist. At least that's what I said to a recent pal...but that was from the angle that a dog is not ever "fully trained"...between the maintenance and age most people get their DADs, I felt it an accurate assessment. If I got my DAD org friends on here to comment, they'd say different; and rightly so! Their year/s of dedication to these pups has brought their dogs to a "fully trained" place. 

A finished DAD is a pipe dream, and I'm sick of hearing that term. This is the strongest opinion I carry. 
It deceives families. It looks like the "easy way," and it's not. The year/s waiting is torturous, and your DAD will be PREPARED for you and the upkeep- not EVER "finished."

A mature dog is like deciding when girls are old enough to baby sit. It may be your 13yr old, it may be your 17yr old. Not every dog matures at the same rate. Most "catch up" to one another around 4yrs...

A started dog is a term that has been used when basic "puppy-hood" issues have resolved, and obedience work has begun... It's probably the most accurate term used!

Where did these terms originate? In describing working retrievers- Career change dogs from the "gun dog" world come with these terms attached. Click here for 1961 Book by Wolters/Randolph

I'm kinda hating here, aren't I? I don't mean to; language is a beautiful gift I hope to understand better!
It's the COMMUNICATION and DEFINING of terms that bothers me. I wish that along your journey, when you hear words and things that you've NEVER heard before, you ask about them. "What does that look like? 
When spending hundreds of thousands on a car or motorcycle, we hear "Car Facts" and read words that are new terms for those unfamiliar in the auto-industry... Those terms are explained to us. It should be the same for the diabetic alert dog industry...

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