Tuesday, August 27, 2013

DADs are Dogs, too...

Are you new to the Diabetoc Alert Dog acronym popping up all over the place? -Saying it so casually your friends overhear you say "Johnny needs a DAD"...and they wonder if you're getting a divorce/looking for a new husband? (wink wink)


What are they?

  • A partner for your journey with diabetes
  • A companion for the emotional aspects of every day, good and bad
  • Support tool for the unknown moments your blood sugar may drop out of range:
  • known to catch lows on the drop- i.e. at 120- (why is my DAD alerting?!) then 90 then suddenly you're at 60!
  • Ahead of the technology (like CGMs) -Constant Glucose Monitors (pictured below)

As one Service Dog Organization States...your service dog
 "Is a privilege, NOT A RIGHT!"

What they are not:

  • A glorified pet that never leaves your side
  • a way for you to sleep through the night
  • An extra "parent" (if you are a single mom or dad doing this for your younger aged child, or doing this without the support of your spouse, you will most likely have double the work ahead of you, not LESS because of your service animal...)



Even the TIN MAN knew he was lacking a heart...

To bring a living, breathing, heart beating animal that's TRAINED purpose is to SERVE YOU into your life means DEDICATION. It means serving THEIR needs FIRST so they can meet yours. ;)

(ps, if there were diabetic alert robots, I'd be the first to call dibs, NO shedding OR pooping!)

Which brings me back to the CGM. It's a robotic alert device- BUT IT's NOT FOR EVERYONE. 

Some people swear by them and would never get a dog. Others swear by their dogs and would never wear a CGM. Others do BOTH. It's YOUR diabetes, and it's YOUR D.A.D journey.

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