Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Getting a DAD 101

Quick intro: My name is Anna. I'm a mom on a mission, and just a parent of 13yr old son, Sean, who is type 1 diabetic. We have been "DAD Hunting" since just months after he was diagnosed Jan 31, 2011. At the beginning of DAD hype and interest...
New to the world of Service Dogs and such, we are now rounding 3rd base in the process of making it home with our DAD, but have been "Dummies" (so to speak) along the way! Now that we've wised up ;) here is my $.2, and I hope it helps you along the way in discovering your journey to find a DAD!

Here are some main points of consideration when thinking about a DAD:

*How long have you been managing the diabetes?
- Getting a good grip of this 24/7 disease ensures a good grip on a 24/7 service animal

*Are you managing it well and in good range?
- Contrary to popular belief, persons with GOOD RANGE go hypo-unaware more often than those with less control of their health.

*Are you open about your diabetes? Can you talk to strangers about it or do you hide it?
- Personalities come into play when one has a 24 hour animal by their side in public places. How will they handle the snarls, comments, stares or sincere questions and concerns?

*Are you responsible in other areas of life? 
- Do you have daily structure in and out of your home? At work? How are your grades, chores and/or homework handled? Are you able to wait to do one thing because of the priority of another....(how's your patience level?)

Some things to consider when finding a PLACE that offers dads:

*Can you call the other families who have been placed with their dogs (or just a selected few?) for references?

*How long until you would receive the DAD...? Are there options you get to help decide on, different avenues in which to have a DAD, or just a waiting period in which you are/are not involved...

*When will you receive a contract? Do you apply and interview? Why or why not if yes/no...

*What happens if you change your mind or they change their mind about you? What time frame of notice will be given after being involved...?

*What are the prices and expectations...? These should be answered via phone or email but solidified by contract.

*How are you/they invested in the dog for the lifetime of the dog...can you use other trainers, organizations?

CLICK HERE for Top 20 List of Things "Most Organizations" don't tell you!
These are just SOME of the MANY. Include your $.2 below!

Please READ Why do you want a DAD? Know how to answer this in your own words, for your own situation.

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