Monday, August 11, 2014

You want a DAD? 4 simple points to consider.

This is a very good question. If you don't know the answer, please consider the following:

1. Who wants this more? That's who will be handling the dog more.

Helpful Links: Your DAD is only as good as you are
 DADs 101 & TOP 5 reasons DADs turn into expensive pets

2. Have you exhausted all other options?
  • Giving your life TIME to settle into the change this disease has brought
  • Considering a CGM (Constant Glucose Monitor)
  • Talking to a counselor regarding the fears and anxiety that you may have connected to this disease.
  • Teamwork. How much a partnership do you have with your significant other? Do you have support in this decision?

Helpful Link: How diabetes and DADs connect

3. Do you already like dogs and all that goes along with them? 
  • puppy bootcamp
  • continued training (older dog)
  • the fur/hair/grooming and vet costs associated with proper maintenance
  • pet insurance
  • cleaning up after, and caring for the dogs physical needs (exercise)
  • acclimating them to current household pets
Helpful Link: DADs are dogs, too 

4. Have you "done your research?"

I've explained in detail (above link) how painstaking this advice is. What do you consider a reliable source? A stranger from social media with awesome pictures? A testimonial found on a news clip? A group of parents who have "been there done that" and seem to "know it all?" 

Please be your own best investigator and be smart about it. Do what makes sense, and be mindful that your fundraising efforts + donated money DO NOT = successful DAD. You need a contract, you need extensive discussions and references. You should not feel "owned" by any DAD organization or trainer; and you should not feel any "one way is THE way." (cult mentality is never good-lol)

6 months of research is nothing. Consider spending at least a year on this big and expensive decision. You owe the next 10yrs of this dog's life at least 1% of your time making sure you do it the best way for YOUR family!

Still on board? Great. I have been told my blog info and education made a family choose NOT to get a DAD; and for that I am happy they took the time to consider all that is means. If you are "green light" ready to go, and not sure how to get started, here is How to Get a Dog. and HOW MUCH does a DAD cost...

ps- If you care to know WTH we chose this route, please LOOK HERE
~ Blessings on your journey!

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